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Kanfest 2023 Registration Live

Registration for Kanfest 2023 is now live!

15 thoughts on “Kanfest 2023 Registration Live

  1. So I’m trying to figure out HOW to register…not seeing anything to click on?

    1. Just click on the image. It will take you to the registration page at

  2. Do we have to fill out a registration form for each Pearson you bring or just the one

    1. Each paddler should fill out their own registration. Anyone joining you that isn’t paddling can just be added as an addition camper.

  3. Hello! Courses don’t appear on the schedule…what time(s) do the pm and am courses start? Or will instructors contact registrants with details closer to the date?

    1. Exact times for the courses will be communicated by the instructors on site.

  4. Hey, I already signed up and want to jump into a course, but it won’t let me without signing up again. I was hoping to get into the intermediate on Saturday morning. Can you help? There is a spots left. So far.

    1. Also Ariel would like to jump into the half slice course if possible.

      1. Unfortunately, the half slice course has already been filled.

    2. Hey Krysta, that’s just a limitation of the website we’re using. I’ve added you to the Saturday Intermediate Skills course manually. You can just settle up on site.

      1. Thank you!!

  5. Hi, my son Crosby Faulkner is signed up for the Friday Intro to Freestyle class at 4pm. is it possible to switch him to the Saturday morning class as I’m not sure we can get him out there in time for Friday ?

    Also, is it possible to add one more camping unit to his order and pay for it? I can’t find a way to add that now that he is already registered and paid for. He is registered under this email.


    1. I’ve moved Crosby to the Saturday class. I’ve also noted that he’d like an additional camping unit which can be settled up when he arrives.

  6. Also, is there anyway to demo or borrow a half-slice somehow for the half-slice class for Crosby?

    1. I suggest you contact AQO or Just Liquid to see what they’re bringing for demo boats. I’d be surprised if they don’t have a something he can use, but I don’t have an inventory of what they’re bringing.

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