Kan’t Fest – a Virtual Kanfest

Submissions to Kan’t Fest 2020 are now closed

In lieu of Kanfest taking place this year, we are hosting Kan’t Fest – the virtual equivalent! If you would like to participate in Kan’t Fest and potentially win a sick Kan’t Fest mug, please create a fun, short video or photo that fits with one of the categories outlined below. Though as always, we reserve the right to make up our own categories and prizes for anything especially amazing, so get creative folks! This contest will run all summer, and on September 30th we will stop taking entries and start announcing winners!

Video Categories

  • Quarantine Kayaking – stay at home orders got you stuck at home? We want to see your best off-the-water paddling! This means a short kayak adventure in your living room, in the hot tub, in a tree. We want to see people throwing tricks on trampolines, running the gnarliest single track, and pushing the limits of this sport. Prizes for most impressive tricks, most creative, best laughs, and best adventure. Time allotment: up to 1 minute.
  • Inflatable Rodeo – got out to the river but forgot your boat and brought an inflatable instead? Perfect, film yourself firing it up and enter to win! Prizes for Most creative, best dressed, and best carnage. Time allotment: up to 1 minute.
  • Blockbuster Special – We want to see your blockbuster kayaking hit. Tell us a story, about love, about war, about covid-19… it just must also involve kayaking. Prizes for Most creative, funniest, best effort.  Time allotment: up to 2 minutes.  (if you have a really funny idea and want to go big and do a long one, we won’t stop you either.
  • Musical – Similar to the blockbuster special, but with singing! Bonus points if you create your own lyrics. Prizes for creativity, humour, and singing effort. Time allotment: up to 2 minutes. 
  • Boring ass kayaking – fine, make a normal, boring kayak video of yourself running something. But honestly, we want to give prizes for creativity and making us laugh, so try to still think outside the box with this.Time allotment: up to 1 minute. 
  • Struggle Bus – Everyone’s favourite category – carnage!! We’re all between swims, but for those times that we aren’t, hopefully someone filmed it and made a sweet edit. Time allotment: up to 2 minutes. 

Photo Categories

  • Quarantine Kayaking – same as the video category, but as a still photo
  • Sexy Kayaking – let’s face it, now that PornHub is free we’re getting a little bored of it, and need something else to keep us inspired. Send us your sexy kayak photoshoots! But please, cover up your junk.
  • Scenic Kayaking – take a nicely composed, scenic, and visually pleasing kayak photo. Because we like this kind of boring basic BS too.
  • Boring ass kayaking – again, take a photo of someone kayaking, but maybe try to do something fun with the shot? We want to laugh and be entertained. Sure, we might give someone a prize for running a sick drop, but we’re far more likely to give you a prize if you run a sick drop wearing a sombrero.
  • Animals and kayaks – we also like furbabies. Real babies could qualify too, but ideally dress them up like a cute animal first. 
  • Struggle Bus – Everyone’s favourite category – carnage! Same as the film category, except still. Extra points if it’s artsy carnage. 

Go out and film/photograph yourself doing something fun and/or stupid, have fun this summer, but please do so safely. Please make sure you stay within your ability level and don’t put yourself in a situation where you need help.

8 thoughts on “Kan’t Fest – a Virtual Kanfest

  1. Anything for SUP? We all know our wipeouts are awesome

    1. Yes! All virtual events apply to SUP AS well as kayak.

  2. Can these tshirts be made available for purchase ?!

    1. Yes, they are available for sale on the website too under Shop.

  3. Is there a submission date deadline?

  4. Can we enter multiple videos if they are each in a different category?

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